Venues 2023

Fraunhofer IOF

Beutenberg Campus
Albert-Einstein-Straße 7
07745 Jena


Image © Fraunhofer IOF / Walter Oppel


Schillergäßchen 1
07745 Jena


Image © Theatercafé Jena

At our dinner event you have the chance to enjoy lively exchange in a very easygoing setting.

Volkssternwarte Urania Jena e.V.

Schillergäßchen 2a
07745 Jena


Image ©

Evening program at “Volkssternwarte Urania Jena e.V.”, adjoining the Theatercafé, offers you the nightsky of Jena in a special perspective. Participants themselves pay a  fee of 3,00 EUR directly at the Sternwarte.

Further information:

Map of the Fraunhofer IOF and Abbe Center of Photonics on the Beutenberg (No. 8 and 9 on the map)

More information about how to get there and the location of the Fraunhofer IOF can be found here.

After the scientific and networking program at the Fraunhofer IOF we would like to invite you to our evening program at the Theatercafé Jena, which is in the center of the city. Please take the bus directly to the city center or enjoy a walk of about 2,6 kilometres.

For a bit of variety, we are happy to offer you the chance of a guided tour in small groups at the Sternwarte Urania directly adjoining the Theatercafé.


Registration Fee in case of non-participation:
Thanks to our sponsors and event partners the participation and catering is free of charge.
If you are unable to attend the Photonics Days 2023, please cancel your registration for the catering by October 6, otherwise you will be charged 50 euros.